Placement Assistance at Savio Education Global

We believe that every deserving job seeker must be placed into a role that helps develop the individual and allow for a full expression of their skills and talent. To that aim, we offer placement assistance for our students.

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All top performing candidates i.e. those who score greater than 80 / 100, in Level 2 experiences are eligible for placement assistance. We schedule interviews for roles at our network of hiring partners. Companies hire for permanent and contract roles, and every candidate who wishes to avail of our placement services would need to indicate their job type preference from among the following options:

  • Permanent only
  • Any job type

Candidates selected for contract roles work on our payroll.

Revenue Sharing

Most education providers include the cost of placements into their prices, irrespective of whether the participant is placed. We consider this to be unethical.

We offer low cost, high value education, and charge for placements only after you are placed through our efforts. The charges for placement are recovered through a simple salary / revenue sharing model. It’s a win-win situation for all of us, and does not burden you. This model incentivizes our teams to find the best, highest paying jobs for you!

If you desire placement assistance, then you are required to sign an agreement of revenue sharing with Savio Education Global, agreeing to share 10% of the first year gross annual salary obtained. Upon successful placement, you will need to pay this amount within 15 days of the receipt of the offer letter.

For queries, contact our dedicated placement associate or email us at