Strong and Reliable Career Outcomes with Real World Experiences

You’ve crafted an awesome curriculum. That’s great and its one of the ways we deliver education viz. subject / topic based. Now compliment your strategy with experience based education to make your students unstoppable! Studies have shown that work based education tend to help summarize, assimilate, and actuate learnings, in addition to generating new insight, and muscle memory of the work performed.

Companies increasingly demand job specific skills which topic based education may not comprehensively fulfill. Hence, choose our Work Experience Program, which is the world’s first work based learning program for managerial and technical roles to make your students job ready.

Our program is effective because our educators and analysts create a simulated work environment for every participant, placing them in these specific job roles that, actuating them to perform the role to the best extent possible. At the end of the program, participant see for themselves, how their new found skills perfectly align with job descriptions that companies float!

Here’s what our participants say