Our clients include large universities as well as smaller institutes. We serve everyone who has a need, irrespective of size. People at the following institutions benefit from our services:

International Engagements:
• University of Sherbrooke, Canada
• University of Harrisburg, USA
• Global Lynx Inc. USA
• Professional Development Inc., USA
• Red Rock Research Inc. USA
• Grace Under Pressure Inc., USA
• True Solutions Inc., USA
• The Italian Institute of Project Management, Italy
• Lean Sigma Corp Inc. USA
• Milestone Management Partners, USA
• Proxalt Inc., USA
• Projectize Group LLC, USA

Indian Engagements:
• Woxen University
• Lala Lajpatrai IMR
• NL Dalmia IMSR
• Vivekananda Education Society’s IoM
• Pillai’s IMSR
• Jaro Education