Hiring Talent Made Easy

We at Savio Education Global offer you our free platform for company talent acquisition professionals and recruiters to source qualified talent. We provide people who qualify for and exhibit strengths in the role of Business Analysts and Data Analysts.

For you the benefits are:

  • Speed up hiring times because candidates are prequalified for the role.
  • Avoid mis-hires.
  • Know that you’re getting people who exhibit strengths in these roles.
  • Its completely FREE for companies.

We screen candidates by running them through a
one month work-based job readiness assessment.
Candidates that do well are offered to companies for recruitment.

Hiring at all Levels

Irrespective of whether you’re hiring freshers or experienced candidates, our job readiness assessment account for the full lifecycle of these roles of Business Analysts and Data Analysts. We perform daily and weekly evaluations of every candidate on typical skills needed for these roles.

The following chart helps explain what we do:

Savio Education Global Work Experience Programs for Job Readiness

Fast-tracking your growth!

Our aim is to ensure that you get the best talent, qualified specifically for the role you’re hiring for. We create and curate the best talent by evaluating skills that candidates possess to do the work of the roles of Business Analyst and / Data Analyst.

As a result, we’d like to see you hire the best from us, shorten your hiring cycles, meet your targets, and be successful!

Evaluating your candidates for job role readiness

You may commend candidates to us for an evaluation in the job roles that we offer. Simply choose the work experience assessment corresponding to the job role of your choice, proceed to pay and a member of our support team will reach out to you for candidate details. The results will be emailed to you at the end of the 4 weeks program.

Alternatively, you could schedule a meeting with our team here OR fill and submit the form below.