About Savio Education Global

Savio Education Global was founded in 2017 by Savio Saldanha to cater to the needs of universities and institutes. We began providing content development services in the domains of project management, analytics and AI. Savio Education Global is based in Mumbai, India.

We’ve grown from there and currently offer a suite of education technology products and services that includes:

  • Virtual Work Experiences
  • Software training (B2B) to institutes, colleges and universities:
    • Python programming
    • R programming
    • Business analytics
    • Machine learning AI
    • Big data with the Hadoop ecosystem
    • Tableau
    • MS Excel (Advanced)
    • Project management and business analysis

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Savio Education Global

Savio drives the work and innovation here at Savio Global. His extensive background and expertise in web technology, AI and management allows him to build great teams that get the job done.
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Team Savio Global.